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Transmission problems are one of the very last diagnoses people want to hear from their mechanic. Transmissions are often expensive fixes, and it's even more disappointing when the car isn't that old. At Jim Barton Automotive, we pride ourselves on alleviating some of the stress that comes with this dreaded issue. Receive our complete, thorough transmission service so you know exactly what needs to be fixed and how.

Don't slip into trouble

Bring your major repairs to mechanics you can count on. Know that your vehicle's transmission is in good hands.

Bring in your car, truck, SUV - American or foreign - if you start to notice that your vehicle’s shifting isn't smooth or quiet as it used to be. We work quickly and reliably.

Auto transmission repair

Depend on the experts who do it all

Transmission problems reveal themselves. Spot them early on before their damage becomes too extensive, by listening to your car at precise moments. Is there chattering when you idle, reverse, or reach higher speeds? Does your car lurch when it shifts? Is your engine inconsistent with its power? Have our certified mechanics clean the unit all unwanted materials, fortify it, and, if need be, replace or rebuild it affordably.

Keep your eyes on the road but an ear on your car

Call us today before you're calling a tow truck


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