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Make sure what comes out of your car is as clean as what you put into it. That loud muffler rumble isn't a good thing if it's not on purpose. Stop by Jim Barton Automotive for a complete muffler and exhaust inspection and maintenance Service. Prevent you and your passengers from coughing up a lung every time you accelerate. Our mechanics perform top-notch work on cars, trucks, and SUVs, American and foreign alike.

Clean up your exhaust

Support safer air quality for you and your passenger with our exhaust inspection services and repairs.

Exhaust issues come in all sorts of packages. Whether yours turns out to be big or small, be confident in your decision to come to the area's most reliable mechanics.

Muffler repair

Trust our experts

to do it right

The exhaust system is much more extensive than your muffler. Unpleasant smells or overly visible fumes and smoke can be sourced to a number of different areas in your vehicle's system. Often these issues require the repair or even replacement of mufflers, exhaust pipes, tailpipes, intermediate pipes, pollution tubes, EGR valves, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and more.

Know what to look out for

Quiet your car back down to its normal levels. Call


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