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Your vehicle doesn't exactly benefit from a system similar to perspiration. Avoid severe risk to your engine by maintaining and upkeeping your vehicle's overall cooling system. Jim Barton Automotive will perform complete cooling and radiator checks and repairs, as well as the regular maintenance so that you don't have to worry about those bigger costs.

Help your car shrug off the heat

Assist your engine by ensuring that its fluids and components are well-kept and regularly maintained with us.

It keeps up with you. Have Jim Barton Automotive check up on your cooling system regularly - usually around every 30,000 miles. This helps prevent major repairs.

Auto cooling system maintenance

Keep up with your vehicle

A good system cleaning will remove rust, scale, and old coolant from the entire cooling system and the engine's coolant reservoir. Have Jim Barton Automotive flush out the old coolant so there's no mixing with the new liquid, so as to create a fresh foundation for the system. If your car is older or for whatever reason suffers from regular system issues, ask us about special equipment or products to prevent excessive corrosion.

Think of it like a long overdue shower

Keep your engine well-protected. Call today


Radiator maintenance coolant maintenance Radiator check up

American and foreign cars, trucks and SUV’s

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