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One of the most overlooked aspects to vehicle maintenance is the condition of the braking system. Well-maintained brakes are not vital only to the safety of the vehicle's driver, but also to everyone else on sharing the road with him. Let the expert mechanics at Jim Barton Automotive see to the proper functioning of your brakes. Ensure the safety of others while eliminating that awful screech.

Improve the safety of your vehicle quickly

Contribute to a safe driving environment for everyone by regularly maintaining your brake fluids and components.

Brake noise is commonly written off as dust on the pads or other variations of simple dirtiness. But beware: metal-on-metal friction is a surefire way to lasting damage.

Brake repair

Prevent a worst

case scenario

Sometimes it's hard to spot changes in your car's driving experience. The change can be gradual. Keep an eye out for, as always, unwelcome and unusual sounds. They might be a wear and tear, but likely they're the beginning of something troubling. Also notice if your brake pedal becomes "spongy." This is a sign of low fluids, which can damage other brake components and lead to failure. Trust us to keep you on the road.

Ensure everyone's safety

Call us today to ensure your vehicle is performing safely


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